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Welcome to Centi_50, another one of those communities inspired by 30_kisses and the other pioneers!

How it Works:
The Themes: There are 50 themes in all, in 5 sets of 10. You can use as many of the sets as you like and whichever sets you like. Also, you can mix and match themes from different sets, as long as you have 10 per set. You can use the same claim for all of your sets or a different one for each. Whatever you like. The only rule--you can only write 100 words per theme.
Go HERE to see the themes.

The Claims: You can claim whatever you want. A pairing, a threesome, a specific group, a character, friends, a series, etc. Your claim can be from any fandom, including crossovers and RPF. Your can claim can be het, slash, femmeslash, incest, whatever.
Go HERE to make your claim.

Tags: I will tag your first entry, but then I will expect you to tag the rest yourself. Tags will be in the format of your username: your claim.

When you're finished with a claim, or you need to drop one, go HERE.
I'd like to give banners to those who finish their claims, but my skills with graphics aren't that great. So if anyone can help out with banner making, please PM me or leave a comment on the above entry. Thanks!

Other stuff:
No flaming or I will eat you.
Please label fics with warnings or spoiler alerts and proper ratings, so no one accidentally reads something that makes them uncomfortable.
There is no time limit and no limit on claims.